Creative Warrior is a 4 day immersion in the science of the determinants of success and failure. 


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The Creative Warrior 4 day immersion leads you to the revelation that everything you experience in your life is determined by the underlying structures at play.


The structures that hold power within your consciousness are the ones that create your reality. As Creative Warriors, we become fully aware of what self-limiting structures we unknowingly give power to and more importantly how to create Genius structures to replace them and completely transform our lives.


By the end of this training, you will be fully equipped to step into the creative orientation and manifest your inherent Genius desires whilst keeping your self-limitations at bay..


Training Themes Include: 

  • Structure - The mechanics at play that determine your reality. 


  • Relationship Dynamics - The structural determinants of Functional and Dysfunctional relationships. 


  • Transformational Dynamics - A powerful structure for empowering and facilitating transformation through writing, speaking, workshops and more. 


  • Masterful Communication and Leadership - Resolving Conflict with Integrity.

  • Limiting Beliefs Dynamic vs Creativity Dynamics - develop structures that allow you to create powerfully at will.


  • Energetic Self-Reliance - Creating Reality from Wholeness vs Separation.

"Structure is the foundation of creating.

If you can master structure then you can master creating."


William Whitecloud



    A deep dive into the dynamics that have been invisibly creating your reality up until now. This training will not only show you how you have been stopping yourself from being a creator but it will also reveal the fact that you are already a masterful creator.


    Furthermore, you will establish super-conscious structures for yourself that will help you maintain your masterfulness as you go about creating a life of your highest possibilities. 


    Creative Warrior builds on the first two trainings of Natural Success curriculum and gives you the tools, strategies, structures and abilities to be anchored in your highest level of Genius. 


    This training will be conducted live online. It runs for 4 days in blocks of 8 hour sessions (as it would have if it were delivered live).


    *To participate you must commit to be at every session for the full 4 days as each session builds on the last.


    **Additionally, you must, at minimum, have completed Create Your Destiny in order to participate in this training.


    A beautiful printable workbook to take notes, journal your experiences from the exercises and capture your insights and AHa moments for future reference.


    Once the course is complete the recordings will be added to a secure members area where you can access them to repeat exercises and redo any sections you wanted to experience again.


    Your recordings will be accessible for a period of two weeks after the training is complete, after which they will be taken down (to make way for the next wave of live attendees).


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Creative Warrior

4-Day Live Online Training

Yes, I would love to be a part of this LIVE 4 Day Training and I understand that:

  • This is a live interactive training which means that I will be participating in every session and promise I will be on time.

  • That comfort breaks and regular session times will break up the day into chunks and it's my responsibility to make sure I am available and on time.

  • That breakout sessions and exercises will require my full participation with the facilitator and other participants.

  • That all training materials will be provided and will remain available in the members area for two weeks after the program ends.

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